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As a woman with a very open mind, I ask that you trust me with your intimacy. In return, I offer you openness, discretion and understanding. There is no need to be shy about anything you want to be captured in your session. I have worked with many diverse people, from transsexual to business women, from kink to the most puritan client. I promise that your personal aspirations will not be judged, but accepted as part of what makes you beautiful.

Velvet Mae was born from a devotion to sensuality. It thrills to Lou Reed's voice and the seductive world of Velvet Underground's Venus in Furs, with Mae West's upturned lips and celebrated curves. How could i not fall in love with a woman who loves her curves as much as I love mine?

5% of my proceeds are put towards art kits for the teens who are brought into the Denise House. I've always found doodling to be a wonderful form of self expression. I wanted to reach out to the teens who are coping with coming out of abusive homes by offering art kits for them to pour out their emotions in a creative way.

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