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Will my photos end up on the internet?

Only if you put them there. Your photos are private, for your eyes only, and those you wish to share them with. They will be given to you on a CD labelled "Green Fish Sauce Recipes" so even any wandering eyes at home will not be interested. If you want to show off your photos, you are more than welcome to give us permission to post them in on our online gallery.

Can my partner or friend come with me to the session?

Of course! You are more than welcome to bring anyone with you. There is a pub next door to the studio, if you wish to send your partner away for part of the session. If you wish to combine a session with a friend, we offer a special price.

Will I be charged extra to keep full rights to the photos?

When you buy a shirt, you don't pay them 50 cents each time you wear it. Most photographers keep the right to your photos, and charge extra for prints and rights. My flat rates give you the rights to keep your photos and do with them as you please.

I am too shy about myscars/blemish/stretch marks to want to pose nude.

All bodies are beautiful. Scars remind us of survival, blemishes are natural, and stretch marks are earned. They are a part of who you are. I will respect your wishes to show them off or not. Should you choose to not have them as part of your final photos, we are more than happy to touch up your images to remove any unwanted marks.

I am a female photographer, with babies of my own. I have the stretch marks, the mummy belly and scars of past foolishness. I understand your shyness. I also know how to flatter your body, no matter what your age, size or identity.

Do I have to be nude for boudoir photos?

Absolutely not! Boudoir is a set of sensual intimate images. Its about showing off your playfulness and sensuality. It can be done fully or partially clothed. Boudoir is not about nudity, it's about attitude.

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