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Eye Weekly Nov 9, 2009

"Scatter some rose petals and hit "play" on your Kenny G: Good for Her is exhibiting the works of Velvet Mae, a local photographer specialising in at-home nudge pics for the average demoiselle. One gander at her fish-netted Botticellis and you’ll be lighting some scented candles while slathering your chest in lavender oil. And hey, five per cent of proceeds go to art kits for teens at Denise House - as if you needed an incentive to get all Marilyn-bare on a pile of red satin."

Snap Pickering, Oct 2009

"Velvet Mae and her works embrace the human landscape. That's right, our bodies are each a beautiful and unique landscape unto its own. Her vision is to help women feel magnificent in their own skin. Each picture is as unique as we as individuals are, as she captures the curves, texture and sensuality of women."

Art Exhibt at Good For Her

"Room 501 invites the viewer to become a voyeur. With surreal vintage motion and light, Velvet Mae celebrates the human landscape with diversity in age, size and identity.

Velvet Mae worked her way in the world as an art director before discovering her talent to encourage people to feel comfortable in their own skin. Velvet Mae is about celebrating the human landscape. Its about showing everyone how beautiful they are from angles they do not always get to see when looking in the mirror. Velvet Mae is fueled by the joy of watching a 60 year old woman squeal with delight at seeing her beauty in front of the lens, to watching a voluptuous goddess weep at seeing how beautiful her extra curves can be. Those moments, when the camera has been exhausted, and the model has a renewed energy of self confidence, is pure ambrosia for the soul. "

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