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"My Husband loved the photos, he was so happy. In fact he cried, and he is not a weepy kind of guy. He said I could never top this Christmas ever!!! Thank you so much for your patience and humor." - Laurie

"One of the coolest things about Michaela is that she EMBRACES the fact that healthy-and-attractive women CAN (and often DO) weigh MORE than 150 lbs." - Kimberly

"I came across the original pics we did that day at A's house. They really cheered me up on a day when I needed cheering up and I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to do them.

I also want to make sure that you REALLY know, deep down that you are making true and lasting differences in the lives of the women, and no doubt the men, that you photograph. My Velvet Mae experiences have changed how I feel about my body and how I see it.

They have broken down negative feelings and beliefs that I have held for longer than I can remember and I am a more confident, happier, less neurotic person as a result. The impact on all aspects of my life has been immeasurable. Life is more fun and you and 'Mae' have been instrumental in that change. Keep spreading this positive change in women's lives. Wouldn't a world of powerful, confident women who can see their own inner and outer beauty be a wonderful place to live?"

Much love and thanks, Jx

"I would NEVER have done this if it were not for you... your awesome! Thank You!!!" - Carol

"You are magnificent. Not only do you have a great eye, your talent for bringing out the best in people is just AMAZING!" - Tanya

"As an art director, it was strange to be on the lens side of the camera, Velvet Mae gracefully 'directed' the session, added humour and created brilliant results! Do it again in a 'flash'!".- Mike W, Pickering

"Want to feel good about the body you have? Velvet Mae uses her talents to make beautiful portraits of you and your unique body. She makes you feel very comfortable and special during the process. Soft mood music and simple settings create an atmosphere where you are the centre of attention. The results is a portfolio of you and your uniqueness!" - Anon

"Having seen your work, are able to capture the seductive side of the women. Very hot. Some of the images just gives a little glimpse and taste o their secretness. Thanks so much and I checked out the organization that you donate to and again thank you. I have worked in soial services with the aboriginal population and in those years have worked specifically with women fro abusive relationship. Thanks for your dedication to community and thanks for your talent, nice to see a woman doing this as it is usually men and as we know men have no clue about women's sexuality. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Take care" - Nicole

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